Saturday, November 7, 2009

When Couples Reluctant Role Sharing

As the name implies, a housewife wan not done alone, but with the couple. All equal shared responsibility. Instead, the tasks were performed household together. There's a good idea to suggest to the couple to do the tasks together, for the sake of togetherness and closeness with the child. The following benefits can be obtained if both parties share the roles

1. Role division

No need straight to what tasks women or men at home, the core must cooperate with each other.
2. Do not Make Burden

Do not make the division of roles and tasks as a burden, but as learning in participating in the household.
3. Close With Children

Accompany children learn or feed meal, will benefit the couple and draw closer to the child emotionally.
4. Emotion Bridge

Closeness between the child-parent, the child will make simple expression, not rigid, and able to communicate well with parents.
5. Do not prestige

It was not his time again he acted as king at home and should always get served. The man was wearing matching aprons and cooking in the kitchen.
What if your face type of conservative men, who tend to be reluctant to share the roles and domestic duties with his wife?

According to Bayu Widiawati, psychologists of Psychological Practice, Jakarta

"type guy like this do not be forced if still do not want to share household tasks. It could then

even a war of words, and children become victims."
It's wife who must have a high tolerance and understanding the nature of this type husband. Usually these properties are known since the beginning of marriage, so could not have happened suddenly. "It's wife who inevitably had to take over household duties," said Widia.
If the husband wanted to share the task even forced, Widia suggested, make the dynamics to get a solution. Look past the husband, what kind of teaching from his family. Maybe he's the type of guy who spoiled or selfish, that I can not share with others. "As a result, was sorry for his wife who must always understand him."
Until when the wife have to endure? According Widia, until the time his wife had had enough and feel it is time for professional help. Field trip to a psychologist or a third person who can help, if the wife had told but does not work.
Therefore, it could not hurt husbands and wives learn from each other, do not shut down, and want to share the role. And do not impose a problem on one partner. Remember, your child will be proud if that does not always take her report card her mother, but also his father, or even both.

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