Sunday, November 1, 2009

9 Ways To Keep In Romance

It's not easy to keep the intimacy of husband-wife relationship. It takes a lot of tips and ways. Well, what should be done to your family life remains loving and lasting?

1.Keeping the love

Often, the motivation of love of one's spouse decreases over time. If this happens, try searching for the cause and do not let your motivation to the bottom of the heart. Remember, the love that you pour for husband would be amazing heart, and will automatically make a sincere return your love, right? It is also important, you should enjoy the way you love your spouse. There is nothing that will turn into good quality if you just remain silent. Also no lazy introspection. Many things you can do to keep your love never faded. For example, go out of town alone, or sometimes act as if you two newlyweds who had just honeymoon.

2.Keeping trust

Domestic life would be running fine if you are able to maintain and renew confidence in the pair. Mutual trust is one of the keys that will make you and your husband more comfortable in the foster family life. The reason is, with confidence, there would not have the slightest suspicion and hatred between you, whatever you do. You also will create more partners feel valued and "liberated" from unnecessary surveillance. Freedom is what will bring your household Dipper happy sailing. Thus, there is no reason to ignore the need for mutual trust. Do not forget, always update your trust with confidence that the partner is someone who can be trusted.


Communication is going well is something else that should be pursued and always updated. There is no intimacy without communication, is not it? For that, forbid communication deadlock and create ways to communicate a mature and adult. The more often you communicate with your partner, would be the better for the continuation of family life. As much as possible, no cursing, spitting curses, or other words that hurt you and your husband to be comfortable. If you do this successfully, then you will be able to establish friendly atmosphere. It is also important in terms of communication is the willingness to always hear what the couple desired. What if you never want to listen to her husband? Sure, the communication was not going to walk.

4.Dont binding

Attachment will make a person feel depressed. Moreover, humans are basically a free personal. He has the right choice to live peacefully. Well, so husband felt the beauty of the meaning of household relations, he freed from all temptations that are not necessary. Let him, for example, to create appropriate interests and talents. Or develop themselves in social activities. Let him make sense of it being a freely without disturbing the intimacy that has been established. Freedom is refreshing, that's what you should realize. Avoid restraints, to avoid suspicion.

5.Always giving

Sincere in giving and not busy thinking about replies is the attitude you should have, and vice versa with my husband. That way, you will not be disappointed with the lack of a spouse. Instead, you'll see the husband as a unique individual with strengths. Actual shortage is not going to reduce your love. This attitude will make you ultimately more "give" rather than "received" in connection with her husband. With more to give, the door will also love the couple open easier. Keep and update it every time. The more you give, the more beautiful your family life too.

6.Always search for solutions

Not easy to give up every time a problem is one of the tips for harmonious household. Of course, you should always keep and renew this commitment. Try to always try to resolve the problem with the husband. Be a problem solver, not a troublemaker. Thus, whatever problems arise, you will be able to overcome both. You both harmonious living with the challenge of adult and tough attitude. Do not easily give up and always learn to overcome the problem. It is also important is to always take advantage of any problems that arise.

7.Solve financial problems

Financial problems are often the triggers rift husband-wife relationship. Well, you must agree to throw away attitude. Money is important, but not everything. If you agree with the husband, your relationship will be more intimate, and the household was run lasting. Sure, it takes a lot of effort so you can take this attitude. For example, not selfish in sharing provision. Your roles both large, there is no reason to close themselves to each other in terms of "for-to" provision, even to "hide" treasures that have been obtained, especially for those who are both working. Little cheating you do can result in destruction of intimacy that has you tangled. Are both trying and are equally enjoyed. Do not be stingy.

8.Grow empathy

Mutual understanding is also an important key to intimacy husband-wife relationship. The relationship will go smoothly if you can understand the desire spouse. By understanding your partner as well as understand yourself, you will distance themselves from being arrogant and selfish. Instead, you'll have a sense of empathy. Quality of the relationship will always be up to date with genuine empathy. You will always appreciate the couple personally and not get caught for abusing it. You also will always keep the feeling that the couple was not hurt. All it can do with empathy. Embed always this attitude in every form of your relationship with your partner. And, update it every time.

9.Be best friend

Being a best friend becomes another key intimacy of husband-wife relationship. Remember, only best friends who able to feel any of our mood. Therefore, if you are able to become the best friend couple, all the mood of your partner will understand completely. You will not leave the couple while he was experiencing grief. Likewise, when the happy couple, you feel it helped. In any mood, you'll always be close to the couple. Nobody will miss a day without love and affection sincere, because you are the best friend couple.

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