Tuesday, November 3, 2009

20 How To Romanticize Your Relationship

THE woman feel loved, especially when receiving emotional and physical support needed from her husband. Not too much trouble what is given by her husband, if he did constantly. A woman felt loved when he feels that the love of a man's consistent.

Here is a short list of 20 things that have been tested that can be done by a husband to create a romance by John Gray, Ph.D., from his book Mars and Venus Together Forever:

1. Purchase greeti
ng cards for him or write a message.
2. Bring flow
ers for her.
3. Give her chocolate.
4. Bring home a few surprises that says that you think about when
you're not at home.
5. Hug him sometimes.
6. Be compassionate in times when you do not want to have sex.
7. Light a candle at dinner or in the bedroom.
8. Turn favorite music.
9. Consider what to wear and give praise to him.
10. Consider the food and restaurant he liked.
11. Plan a date well in advance.
12. Turn off the TV when the ad and talk to the couple than for other channels.
13. Look at him as he spoke.
14. Do not interrupt or complete sentences.
15. Notice when she's angry and offer him your hugs
16. Please him when tired.
17. Help her clean up jobs households.
18. Call her when you come home late
19. Call her just to say "I love you"
20. Plan small celebrations and do something different.

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